April 19, 2010

Happy Happy Day!!!

Look what I got!!!! I am so happy!!! I am amazed others still really read my blog much less think of me on their own time!!!!

I was given this soooooo great award from Richele over at Under the Golden Apple Tree!

Richele is so sweet. She actually thinks that I'm interesting! (I don't even think I'm interesting!) She is also the kind of person I can totally relate to. First, she has the most beautiful children and love spending time with them. Second, she isn't afraid to tell all about herself, the drafty castle she lives in, and the books she read! (I love finding new reads!) Third, she shares little tips on how to make your blog better. And last but defenitly not least (I know this post will get a little long if I don't stop sometime), she is soooooo funny! She makes me laugh just about every time I visit. So go on over and see what I'm talking about!

Rules for the award:

Tell 10 honest things about myself and then pass the award to 10 of my favorite bloggers!

Ten Honest Things About Me

  1. I love my family! Even though they think I'm a little crazy and Hubby is still checking the mail for my crazy check.

  2. I love my Bible study time even though some day's I have to make myself take the time for it. Life gets busy, but what I have to look farward to after life is over is worth it!

  3. I am an arts and crafts person, even though the finished product never comes out the way I invisioned it other than my crocet projects. (I follow a pattern for those!)

  4. I wish I could play my violen better. It would make me and Hubby happy. I have a feeling I would get better if I practice more than once every 8 months.

  5. My Hubby has now married me twice (a story for another time!) and If we ever win the lottoery we will be married a third time at Disney World.

  6. I love to paint my toes. It makes me feel pretty!

  7. I love my red hair now that I know it sets me apart and so many others would love to have this color.

  8. I rather a bath over a shower. I take really HOT baths too!

  9. I really don't like scary movies.

  10. I was born into a penny penching family! Being frugal is in my jeans!!

Now for the 10 blogges I honestly love in no particular order:

Julie's blog Come Have A Peace for the direction I need in my life!

Mellisa's blog Getting All My Ducks in a Row for the friendship we share via the web and because, well I just like her!

I also love Mellisa's other blog Win My Year for all the great giveaways she tips me off about!

All the lovely ladies at Homemaking Honeys because I want to be the best crafty homemaker I can be. They are what I want to become someday!

Shelly and Bernie's blog Lemon Tree Cards Blog for all the times they make me think about buying those depends. I almost pee myself ever time I read that blog!

The blog Mom Vs. The Boys because I like knowing that I'm not the only one dealing with a little boy and I love reading about her family. The love in that house is obvious!

Melissa's blog My Life and How It's Going because it's a family blog and you all know how I love those kinds of blogs. It dosn't hurt that her son is one of the absolute cutest kids alive! Seriously he is adorable! Melissa you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Heidi's blog Resting in the Mystery for the friendship I have formed with her and the love of the Lord and her family that she shares with the world. Not to mention those two cute little ones she has! I am a suker for cute kids!!!!

Jennifer's blog The Toy Box Years for all the ideas she gives me of things to do with my son, all the times she made me laugh or say what where they thinking (sometimes both) with her posts, and for all the times she shows how the Lord has blessed her life.

Ok, so that was only 9 blogs. Yes, I can count. But, do I ever follow all the rules? No! I am only a rule breaker on my blog though. I am surprised people still give me awards in all reality. I don't ever think I deserve them and I never follow the rules. Sometimes I just get lazy. Oh well, I can be lazy sometimes right! I hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. Congrats on the award...I also love painting my toes:)

  2. Congrats on your award - and so sweet of you to share it with 2 of my blog's! :) I love these awards too! I love when the winner post's their truths cause it's really fun to learn more about the blogger's I love to read! :) Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for the award. You are so sweet! I really appreciate it and I am so glad that you like our website! Its always nice to hear that people enjoy what we do. Makes it all worth it!! Thanks again Sweetie! I will get this sorted on our blog in the next day or so!

  4. Thanks girl! I think Hayden is pretty cute, but I am biased!

  5. Thank you, sweet Joshlin, for including me in your group of special blogs. I am so glad I get to be one of your blog friends. And ... I am a "super hot bath" girl, hate scary movies, NEED to paint my toes :), and wish I COULD play the violin. I have to admit something about myself, though ... I am terrible at passing on awards. I think it all started when I participated in a "dishtowel exchange" that went crazy ... and ended over 100 dishtowels later. :)

    You ARE interesting! And I've loved getting to know you and look forward to more. Blessings to you for a great weekend,