April 11, 2010

Quotable Sunday~Hording

Yesterday I spent the day helping the in-laws clean the attic in one of their rent houses. When I first saw the attic the only word that described it was Hording. Know I understand why it took them a solid month to move out (they rented this one for 7 years and then bought them a house so moved out of this one).

I have never really understood hording. I have some things I hang on to way too long, but hording is not really what I would describe it as. This attic was a big mesh of things. I pulled out countless blow up pools, two dart boards, tons of empty boxes, clothes on top of clothes, and so many toys. When we finally emptied the attic we had a truck bed loaded down to the max for donating, some stuff in my vehicle, a few things we put in the house for friends and family, and a pile of "trash" as big as an SUV in the garage! WOW! It was a lot.

So in honer of the last renters I am doing quotes on hording!

Surprisingly I couldn't really find that many so I just have one for today!

"There are two fools in the world. One is the millionaire who thinks that by hording money he can somehow accumulate real power, and the other is the penny less reformer who thinks if only he can take the money from on class and give it to another, all world's ills will be cured."~Henry Ford

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  1. Dear Joshlin,
    Yikes! Sounds like you earned lots of in-law love. ;)

    Thank you for your sweet and encouraging quote the other day. I am so thankful I've gotten to know you through our blogging, and I'm really happy for all you are discovering as you read and pursue God more. How great that you've gotten a Pre-schooler's Bible for your little guy, and I completely relate about learning as you read to him. I often learn a lot from what I get for my kids to help them grow. Can't wait to hear more about what you learn as you grow with him.

    Blessings to you, blog friend!
    ~ Julie