April 30, 2010

The Look In A Child's Eyes!

Yesterday afternoon I had one of those moments where time stands still. You know those moments.

I was out on the porch with Will enjoying the breeze and sunset. He asked for a snack (which for him means candy). I went in the house and came back out with some jelly beans. He sat across from me on his little picnic table and just looked so happy. I couldn't take my eyes from him if I had wanted to.

His eyes where so blue at that moment with the sun setting behind him. I found myself wondering with awe about how perfect he was. He is a healthy growing little 3 year old. He is the child I prayed for. He is a hand full at times, but he is mine. God has given him to me to care for and love. I can only imagine the love God has for us and how He could give his only son for us. Wow! Could I do that for God. Could I give my son up if He asked me to. I would like to say yes, but I know it would be the hardest thing for me to do. I would beg Him to take me instead.

Do you have those moments when life seams to stand still because you just had an amazing thought like this? I just sat there for the longest time trying to commit this sight into my memory forever. I know he will not be 3 forever and I wanted to always remember that very moment. The joy in his face over a hand full of jelly beans. The youth and innocents in his eyes. The way I felt when I looked at the greatest gift the Lord has ever given me!


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