April 19, 2010

It Was A Dress Wearing Weekend!

This weekend, like all others lately, was a busy weekend. We had a some friends of ours get married Friday and we where all in the wedding. Hubby was the Best Man, I was a bridesmaid, and Will was the ring bearer.

Friday morning I got up early to go have my hair done in another town. Will wasn't up yet and Hubby was home, so I left him. I thought he would call me when he got up and beg me to come home. Did he even ask for me? I am not totally sure. He decided this was his day with Dad!! They went to town and washed Dad's truck and had lunch at his favorite place to eat.....McDonald's! By the time I got home Hubby was going to go meet the other men and get ready for the wedding. Will was not to be left. He pitched a fit to go with Daddy. Who cared if Mommy was home? She was home everyday! So, off he went. I saw him a total of 20 min. that day before the wedding. In a way I was thankful I had some time to myself and didn't have to worry about getting him ready. Daddy had his little tux with them. But, I was also sad. I am not use to him just being so happy to run off and leave me.

I must say he was the cutest little thing ever in his little tux!!! I wish I had some pictures to share. He also did so good walking with the flower girl.

Saturday we decided to take him to his first movie! We brought him to see "How to train your Dragon". He did very well for 3 years old. He got a little aggravating at the end. He couldn't move around or make to much noise in the theater. By the time it was over he was more than happy to leave. It was his first movie and we survived! (It was also like the 8th movie I have ever been to in my life too. I was a very sheltered child.)

Sunday was a sadder day. I have some friends that are very dear to me. I met Hubert through his dear wife Marie. They where so in love and filled with life. I'll never forget the way they made me feel. I always felt like they had the true deep down sole mate love. I wanted that too! I found it with Kenny and they adored him too! Hubert had a heart attack not long after Christmas. He had been in the hospital for a long time. His body started shutting down and he had multiple surgeries. Marie never left his side. She was his strength. She was his love!!!

Friday morning, as I was getting ready to leave for my hair appointment, I got the phone call I never thought would come. I was so convinced he was strong and could pull through. He had been through so much and survived. He was a veteran for crying out loud! I had prayed so hard and knew others where too! But no, he didn't make it. On Thursday night he passed away. My heart just tore from my chest. (This is taking so much time to write this as I am continually stopping to cry.) There was no more Hubert and Marie. He was gone and she was alone. Sunday was the first time I have been able to see her in a while. She is a strong one. She has lots of friends and family. She still needs prayers thought. Please, I ask you to send her a prayer as you read this. She is a great woman and will some day be with her darling husband, but until then she needs all the prayers and hugs we can give her. Sunday was his funeral. It was standing room only. This was a great man who was truly loved by all. He will be missed terribly!


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