April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday's

This week I am thankful for honesty!

Sometimes it's hard to be honest. To tell someone you don't like the way something is or that you don't really want to go on that long trip. Being a good Christan is hard work a lot of the time. You don't want to hurt others feelings, but you don't want to lie. How do you balance it all. I have been trying to walk in the way of the Lord, and let me tell you it's not an easy road. I am getting better though. A lot of times things will come to my mind before I do the wrong thing. Other times I will feel guilt immediately! Even over the "small white lies".

I am still working on it though. I have never been a big lire. As most though, I don't like to hurt people's feelings and I use to lie to get out of things I didn't want to do. My road is filled with pot holes. I am learning to jump over some and walk smoothly around others.

I am thankful for Gods love and forgiveness. He has shown me a better way. Just yesterday I made my feelings know to one family member about another. Why do people have to be so mean to others because one person's presents (no matter how innocent they are) can make another person so uncomfortable to the point of pushing everyone else away? I don't understand it, but my philosophy is (and has been for some time) "Don't let others keep you away from the places and people you want to be near."

Don't let others run you out of a room because they make you uncomfortable. Be truthful and stand by what you believe.

I am also thankful for my Hubby's honesty! He will always tell me when my hair needs to be cut or when I need to let something go. Without honesty in our relationship we would not be as happy or as in love as we are now!

Thank you God for giving us the power of honesty!

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