April 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday~Those Little Signs

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! Every Thursday I share one of the many things I have to be thankful for. I try to explain the less obvious things. Today I want to share a special story with you.

As you all know I love giveaways! I get to try things I never would have otherwise when I win. It also gives me a chance to win some of those much needed things I could never afford. Recently I found a giveaway for a Women's Study Bible. As you also may know, I have been on a journey to become closer to my loving God. My life looks totally different to me know that I found the reason for the yearning I had in my life. I feel more complete now.

I have started trying to read my Bible. I have read bits and pieces before, but never really sat and read and reflected on it. I am doing amazingly well with my Bible study time, compared to before. When I saw the giveaway for the Women's Study Bible, I just knew it would help me. I entered every way I could. I tweeted every day. I looked for this book at the book store and realized that I may never own one. They where around $100.00. Something I couldn't afford any time soon. My only hope was to win one.

On the last day of the giveaway I sat at my computer and thought to myself "Why tweet today. The last person never wins". I tweeted anyway. Then talked it over with my Hubby. That same day I decided that I may not need it. Only God knew if it would really help me. So, I prayed. I asked God to please let the book go to someone who could really gain something from it. Even if that person wasn't me. I went to bed that night with a good feeling. I didn't worry about the book at all. (I have been practicing putting "all" my worries in His hands.)

Imagine the surprise I got the next day when I checked my email and found out that I won! The entry that won was my last tweet! It wasn't the last entry in the giveaway, but it was that tweet that I almost didn't do. The first thing I thought of was my prayer to God. He works in some amazing ways! This was my sign that I was on the right track. I wasn't bothering him with all my prayers and little concerns. He is listening!

Some may say that it was all just a coincidence, but I know better. God was speaking to me! To little ole nobody me!! He was telling me he was happy with me and to continue on the path I was on! How awesome is that!!! So, today I am thankful that I can share my story with so many, and pass on the message that God does care and He is listening! Don't be shy about putting your trust in Him!!! He loves us and would never be bothered by our continual prayers. No matter how small or silly they may seem. Now I am praying the book comes in the mail soon! I can't wait to see what God has in store for me.

What are you thankful for today? Did God try to speak to you recently? Did you listen?

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  1. Your winning story made me smile! Thanks for sharing that, what a great story for TT! Hope you enjoy the new Bible and God blesses that time you are in His word.


  2. Joshlin,

    Not a coincidence and what a neat gift from our Jesus. Great praises this TT. Hugging you, Lynn

  3. Amen, God hears all of our prayers sweetie. Congrats.

  4. Oh this is so touching...I also have some teaching cds and other materials from our ministry...plz let me know if we can help u when we can=) We r having a giveaway with some materials coming when I get some free time but even b4 then....just let us kno
    Happy TT

    God luvs u sooooooo much. He cares about everything b4 u ask.

  5. Hi Joshlin,

    Thank God for the precious gift of a Bible! I am so glad you are enjoying the reading of the Bible. I too used to read bits and pieces here and there. Recently, I have begun using Bible Reading Charts and they are very helpful. You can find some free resources here:


    Happy reading God's Words.

    Warm regards,

  6. Joshlin - there are never coincidences with God - he orchestrates the events in our lives. He knew just what you needed. You have such a thankful heart. Enjoy the journey of reading and studying the Bible. There is something to learn ach and every day.



  7. Coincidence NOT AT ALL!(so many like to say that dont they but we know WHO it was) You had yourself a sweet God moment:) Congrats on winning the book.

  8. I LOVE moments like those!! I call those God's forehead pokes....where He pokes me in the forehead or on the shoulder - basically saying "Can you hear me now?"

    I'm so happy you won! Congrats!

  9. I'm with Jennifer - I LOVE this story of God's interest in your life! Such a shame that we chalk up so much of what HE should get credit for to "coincidence." :) This is a great reminder, Joshlin, that it was HIM loving YOU. :) Can't wait to hear what He wants to show you in the study HE gave you. :)

  10. Congrats on winning the Bible. I'm glad you're starting to read more. That's where we find our strength and wisdom for the day. God listens to even the whispers of our heart. I'm so excited for you! Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  11. That is so cool! I always think it's great how God gives us just what we need at exactly the right time! Congratulations and keep moving forward on your journey to Him!