April 12, 2010

Taking The Day Off!

Today I am taking the day off of blogging. I know what you are thinking, blogging once a day couldn't be that stressful or hard. You would be correct, but when I blog I am also spending time reading other blogs (which I am a little behind on), entering giveaways, checking my email, looking for deals, and lots more.

So, today I am taking the day off, but not leaving you high and dry. Here are a few of the other blogs I read and really like. Take a moment and visit them. You may just find a new favorite blog to follow!

Visit Heather at Frugal Reality for some great deals, interesting posts, and great giveaways!

Visit Josiah's Mommy at Confessions Of A First Time Mom for some great post on being a first time mom and for lots of giveaways!

Visit Steph at Printable Coupons and Deals for the latest and greatest printable coupons on the web!


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