April 9, 2010

What has been going on in our house?

We have been some busy bees! Our days seem too short! We have so much to do and not enough time or money to do them.

Wednesday was a day at the eye doctor for me and Hubby to make sure our contacts are ok. They are. Now I have to make a 3rd trip back in a week or so to pick up or contact order. Our insurance will only pay for them if we get them from our doctor. (Who charges $8.00 more for a box than Walmart!)

We also shopped for shoes I needed for a Wedding next weekend we are all in, and clothes for Hubby and Will. Hubby has been wearing his own clothes to work and has wore them plum out. Thank the good Lord they offered him uniforms! Will is just growing. He always needs new clothes. It doesn't help hubby talks me into letting him get new shoes (because they have Lightning McQueen on them and light up!) and then wants to get him a hat in the mall. I found one for half the price and almost the exact same at Walmart later that day. That is the one we got!

As for as Will's old clothes, I put them on eBay! They are in good condition still and have lots of wear still in them. You can bid on them if you want to!

Boys 24 mon.&2T lot of 16 shirts,shorts,swim trunks,&pj

starts at $3.50

Boys 12-18month Lot of 22 shirts and shorts

starts at $3.50

24 mon. Lot of 11 shirts Mickey, Pooh, Thomas, + more!!

starts at $10.00

Thursday Hubby had to change some hoses on his truck and Charlotte decided to go role in something. So, she had a bath and was punished all day for running next door and going on the road. After she had a bath and Hubby fixed his truck he wanted to make some more video's and put them on YouTube. He is a singer/songwriter. He has a lot of originals on YouTube. Including this one he put up yesterday!


Click and Enjoy!


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