January 11, 2011

Sometimes, People Just Make Me Sick!

Forgive me Lord, but some of the people in this world really need your help! 

Sunday was one of those days when I said that over and over.  It started early that morning at Church.  Yes, Church.  Children's Church to be exact!  You see, a few weeks ago I bought 3 boxes of individually bagged animal cookies for the kids.  Our class is made up of 3 to 6 year olds (with a few exceptions).  After each class we give the kids something to snack on.  It is really close to lunch time by then and they really enjoy it.  We have a few kids with certain food allergies and so, the cookies work for everyone. 

I got to Church Sunday to find out that the 15 year olds form a Wednesday CCD class had come in our room, felt hungry, and so went to the closet and pulled out the 2 1/2 boxes left.  They then decided to eat every last one and leave the mess behind.  (Cookie crumbs on the floor and all!)  I was shocked!  What happened to the teacher in charge of them?  Did she care as little as they did about the little kids?  This is not the first time they have come in our class room and played around leaving a mess, but to eat the little kid's snacks!!!  I don't know who their CCD teacher is, but are they really learning about Jesus here?  What exactly are they doing. 

Then I come home to find out that a playground in a local town was burnt to the ground!  It was a beautiful playground made our of mostly wood.  It had been the same playground we where going to bring Will to Saturday, but ended up not having time.  We  had promised him we would bring him another day.  Now the playground is gone.  On top of that, they think it was destroyed by arson. My question is Why?  Why would someone do something like that?  It was for the children people!  The children!!!

I then made the mistake of watching the local 10 pm news.  After watching the news and hearing about all the other stupid people in the world, I remembered why I don't watch the news anymore.  Now I just read it on the Internet.  Why would that one guy open fire on all those people in Arizona?  Did he realize he was going to kill Innocent people?  For goodness sakes, a 9 year old girl was killed among others!!!! 

This is why people just make me sick sometimes!  I just have to remember that not all people are that way!


  1. Wow. Mean people suck. I think you should find out who the teens teacher is and speak to her. That is not right. I think that it should be addressed.

    How awful about the playground. Some times its hard to even grasp what people are thinking. We know what they weren't thinking about. *sigh*

  2. I know exactly where you are coming from - with the information that we are exposed to on an every day basis I sometimes find it hard to keep a positive attitude. I think we know way to much about the goings on of the entire world.