January 26, 2011

Where Did This Come From?

A few days ago I was sitting here at my kind of trusty computer, listening to my son play his Vtech Vsmile in the next room.  (A Vtech Vsmile is a learning game you plug into the tv and play.)  He was playing his Dora the Explorer game and he was learning and having fun at the same time!

 As I worked on the computer I saw Charlotte pass me and go into the room Will was in.  Next I heard "I'll Smack you down like a smack-a-damion."  What????  Who is he going to smack down and more importantly, where did he get that from?

After many questions on my part, and lots of confusing answers on Will's part, I have come to figure out that he was talking to Charlotte.  Apparently Charlotte decided to try and help Will play his game.  Will didn't care for the help.  Especially since it was coming from the dog!

So, where did he get the "Smack you down" thing from?  I still don't know.  He hasn't said it since though.  I wonder if I should be paying a little more attention to Dora the Explorer.  After all she is getting into her teen years.  Just the other day I saw the Dora doll in the store that was a teen.  My question is.....why?....I don't know a teenager who still likes Dora anyways.

This is the Dora Will watches!

This is the teen Dora!

I don't know if I trust the Teen Dora.  What do you think?


  1. Smack down is a phrase from wrestling. Does Kenny watch WWE, OR TNA, OR SMACKDOWN?

  2. I think Will saw a commercial for wrestling. That may be where it came from. LOL! Thanks.