October 12, 2010

The Fall Growing Season

Here is a picture of my fall garden.  I think it is going really well. I planted some pumpkins, carrots, and zucchini.  All together I have had three pumpkin plants grow, one carrot (out of an entire row!) grow, and four zucchini plants grow. 

Here is a picture of my biggest pumpkin so far.  I took this picture about a week ago though.  Now it is about the size of a baby watermelon.  It even has the strips like a watermelon.  If I didn't know any better, I would think that this was a watermelon plant.  Luckily, I remember planting it. LOL!  I can't wait for my first pumpkin to be ready. 

I have never had a garden before this year, so everything I grow is exciting to me!  Next year I will have a garden twice as big, and with twice as much growing in it!!!

This is a picture of my biggest zucchini growing.  And this picture was taken at the same day as the other one.  So, it has grown 50% more since then and I picked it.  I plan on making zucchini bread with it for a fund raiser back sale that one of my friends is having for her husbands medical expenses.  It should be really good.  My Mother-In-Law has already tried to figure out when I will be dropping the zucchini bread off, so she can go early and buy it. LOL! I will have blue berry muffins in the bake sale too.  I wonder if she will buy those as well. 

Do you have a fall garden growing?  I have seen pictures of a few other gardens and there beautiful pumpkins.  They live in a place where they can plant way before I can.  They will have there pumpkins ready for carving, making pies, and decorating.  I don't think mine will be ready until Thanksgiving unless they grow supper fast.  That's ok though.  I like pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!


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