October 13, 2010

Lost 3 times in 30 minutes

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Have you ever had one of those days, where you just can't do anything right?  I have.  A few nights ago, I was going through my house looking for my cell phone.  I looked and looked and looked.  I found it exactly where I left it.  (Don't you hate that.  You remember where you left it just as you find it.  Then you feel like an idiot.) 

The bad thing is, that I did this 3 time in around 30 minutes.  I was the only one home with a cell phone, so I couldn't call it to find it.  That makes it more stressful.  Especially since I was waiting for a call from Hubby when he went on his break at work.

On top of that, Will's "dirty" hat that he wears outside to play was also missing.  That went missing for almost a week before I found it, upside down and shoved almost under his bed.  His room gets out of control sometimes.  Of course it's not that big, so out of control is not really as bad as you would imagine.

I have been forgetting to get things a the store when I go (even though I made a list). What's going on?  It must be just my craziness catching up with me.  My only worry is.....what will I loose next?  Car keys.....purse.....what could it be?  I almost don't want to know. LOL!


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