October 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to Thankful Thursday.  Today it is hosted by Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.  I don't always do the same theme on my Thankful Thursday post as the host does, but today I just had to.  It will be so fun!  Lynn posted about 10 things you didn't know about her.  This is the 10 things most of you don't know about me.  Are you ready?  Think twice about that answer. 
Ok, here goes!
  1. As most of you have figured out once you read my comments and blog a few times, I can't spell to save my life!!!!  But, what you didn't know is that I was the first one in my family for generations that attended college.  I actually graduated trade school before I graduated high school, then when on to McNeese State University.

2.  I am not much of an animal person, but LOVE my own animals.  I treat my dog like she is my baby.  I have had a few dogs through out my life, but only one cat.  I don't like cats much, but she was the coolest cat I was ever tricked into having.

3.  I have no sense of style when it comes to dressing myself, and get discouraged shopping for clothes easily.  I have recently thought of going to skirts and getting over the pants are for women too thing, but have noticed that it is very hard to find decent skirts made for decent Christan women!

4.  I LOVE to window shop.  I don't care if it's on tv, the computer, magazines, or in the stores.  I like to window shop for everything.  I even like to window shop for all those "Jesus Junk" items.  (You know what I mean.  Those items that are sold with His words or picture on it, that you have no need for and are just sold to make money of all us Christan folk.)

5.  I am also walking with my friend Brady as often as we can, but not loosing any weight.  Not many people know, but apparently you have to do exercise (like walking) AND diet.  I must admit it to the world, I don't diet.  I try to limit my eating and do portion control, but most of the time I fail miserably.  I had to get up early today to go get Charlotte from the vet after her surgery yesterday (she is doing great by the way) and stoped at the donut shop.  I had a lemon filled donut with my meat, cheese, and jalapeno biscuit. (Don't tell to many people! Brandy dosent' know I eat stuff like that still!)

Yes, I know that was only 5 things, but I just like to keep myself a mystery for now.  Maybe 5 more next week!  This week I am just thankful that God made us all individual and different.  I like to know I do things differently than others and they do things differently than I do.


  1. delightful, delightful my friend. So much of your list is adorable and I feel the same way about my wacky dog, Peanut.

    So glad you joined the fun. Have a blessed day. See you next week. Hugs, Lynn

  2. I actually spell very well,but I CANNOT add for nothing lol My husband gets tickled at me when it comes to math.

    I like animals as long as long as they just let me touch them and not touch me lol

    Window shopping is SO much fun!! Glad to know more about you!