October 1, 2010

A Supper Crazy Day!

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Today is going to be a super crazy day.  I feel it already.  The day before our big 10 family garage sale!

I have been working for weeks to get everything together.  I have sorted, tagged, boxed, and bagged things for it.  I have a ton of my son's old clothes he can't fit anymore. (WOW is he growing!) Plus I am one of those OCD people who like to be super organized.  Yesterday I loaded up the truck.  Today starts with a babysitting job, a walk (I can hardly believe I am exercising!), a last minute clean up. Then off to unload my things at my Mother-In-Law's for Saturday. 

I can't wait! I am hoping to sale everything and make a great boat load of money.  In reality, I want to clean my house of the clutter and sale my son's old clothes, so I can buy him new ones.  He has NO winter clothes.  I counted one pair of pants, one set of socks, and four long sleeve shirts.  Most of which he got for his birthday.  (So sad.) Plus he will need a new pair of shoes soon. 

So, if you are in the area of Jennings, Louisiana tomorrow stop by and say hello.  I'm sure with 10 families having a garage sale in the same yard, you will find something you never knew you need! LOL!

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  1. 10 family sale wow! Wish I was there, I'd be popping in. Good luck and have a great weekend!