October 15, 2010

Thank Goodness for Baby Wipes!

Yesterday was Thankful Thursday.  I found more to be thankful for as the day went on. 

I found that I am very thankful that I have a son who always has a kool-aid mustache.  I keep baby wipes in the truck to clean his little mustache often.  Thank goodness I had them yesterday.  I was at the store and went to unbuckle his car seat and that is when the car seat decided to keep my finder nail. 

Let me tell you, it hurts when your finder nail gets ripped off your finger, I don't care how quick it happens.  Baby wipes cleaned up a lot of blood!  My finger bled for a while after that.  I was blessed to have this lovely woman in the van parked next to me come over to help.  She saw I was in pain and then saw my finger nail I pulled out the buckle. (The car seat was holding it hostage. I had to fight to get it back out.)  She got out her first aid kit and I was all bandaged up.  God sent her to me like an angle.  I never even got to ask her name.

When I got home I realized how hard it is to do things without hurting that finger.  It was my thumb nail.  I will spare you the pictures (you can thank me in the comment section).  Just know that it hurts!

Will took it very well though.  He was concerned for me and even kissed my hand (keeping a good distance from the finger I hurt).  He was mostly happy that it wasn't him and I didn't get any blood on his car seat (that I know of).

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  1. OH NO! I am so sorry to hear that happened...but thank goodness there was an angel there to help you.