October 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Again, it is Thankful Thursday!  The day I get to share with the world what I am thankful for!

The month of October is hosted by Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

Yes, I was wrong last week.  I posted that this month was hosted my Iris at Grace Alone.  But, Iris gently let me know that Lynn was the host this month, and Lynn never said a word.  How beautiful these women are.  To guide me with a gentle hand and never to scold.  This week I corrected myself and plan to look at my calender more often.

This was a great reminder to me of how God guides me through this life.  I mess up a lot.  Most times it takes me more than one try to get it right.  Sometimes, I don't even know where to begin correcting my mistakes.  But, the Good Lord keeps giving me more patience and understanding than I could ever begin to imagine.  He loves me, and with a gentle hand, guides me in the right direction. 

Celebrating with me when I do things right.  When I remember to say a special prayer for the person in the car that just cut me off, rather than say some unflattering words.  When I suck it up and do something nice for someone, even when I know they would never do it for me.  He is always there smiling on me.  I know my reward is waiting for me in Heaven.  I just keep reminding myself of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, loving, and patient God.

So, thank you ladies for helping to remind me of how thankful I am to God for all his guiding and patience!


  1. May God always gently guide us all sweet sis.

  2. That's a beautiful attitude to have!

  3. Beautiful post,Joshlin! God is so good to us!!

  4. I am so happy and glad that the Lord is patient with us. I sure need all the patience I can get!

  5. Aren't we thankful that God loves all our ugly and does indeed provide a measure of grace when our flesh wouldn't be loving. Great post.