February 4, 2011

I Have A Magic Vacuum!

I always thought that it would be cool to have magical flying broom stick.  No, I don't want to be a witch, I just like the thought of my broom doing something interesting.  Would I even ride it?......I'm not sure.  I would most likely fall off and break every bone in my body, then have to explain that.  They would put me in the crazy house for sure after that story!

I discovered that I have something sooooooo much better than  flying broom stick!  I have a magic Vacuum!!!! (I'm jumping up and down giggling over my vacuum!)  It is sad that I didn't figure out my vacuum's magical power untill now.  It could have really helped me in the first 3 years of my son's life.

You see, I have been vacuuming at night this week because Hubby has been working nights and so sleeping all day.  Twice this week I vacuumed at bed time.  Will was already snug in his bed watching a movie before lights out.  Each time I started vacuuming the room next to his and then the rest of the house.  Every time I went to put the vacuum up and check on him, he was out cold.   The vacuum magically put him to sleep!!!

The first 3 years of Will's life, he didn't like to sleep.  In the first year of his life he would sleep 30 minutes at a time with a 2 hour window em between at night and only take a few small cat naps in the daytime.  His pediatrician said he was just one of those kids that didn't need steep.  What they were forgetting was that Will's Mommy was one of those people that needs sleep.  The powers of the magic vacuum would have come in handy back then.  Oh well, you live and learn! 

I have also come to learn that my kitchen appliances have feelings.  They will not work correctly for Hubby.  He tends to curse at them and call them names.  But when I use them, I am loving and gentle.  They work fine for me.  I have told him many times that they don't appreciate his lack of love for them.  (sigh) He just doesn't understand them.  I am starting to wonder if this is also the reason my computer has been acting up lately. 


  1. My cousin had colic as a baby and my auntie did the vacuum trick with him. It seems to work.

    How funny that your appliances have feelers that can get hurt. Don't let him even LOOK at the computer cross-eyed.

  2. I have known some colic babies that vacuums and hair dryers work for, but Will wasn't colicy. As a matter of fact the vacuum scared him to death. To this day he will go in another room or sit up on the couch with his feet all tucked in and everything if I am vacuming.

    I tell him all the time he is going to get pay back for being mean to them. LOL!