February 25, 2011

What's Next?!?!

Have you been to Walmart lately?  I make my trip once every two weeks and really started wondering about Walmart. 

Have you ever noticed all the things Walmart offers its customers?  You can get almost anything there.  You can buy groceries, clothes, jewelry, toys, tires for your car, electronics, floor steamers, beds, diapers, pet food, prescriptions refilled, and so much more!  The things that are surprising me aren't on the store floor though, but when you first walk in.

When you walk in and turn to your left or right you can get your taxes done, have your nails done, get a new hair cut, check your bank account, eat some fast food (like McDonalds or Subway), have the oil in your car changed, and now get your teeth cleaned.  Yes, I saw a dentist's office in a Walmart recently!  I have even heard rumors about a doctor's office coming!  There is even a Walmart I have been to that has a used car dealership out side in the parking lot.  It was called Wheel-Mart! LOL! Can you believe that!!!!  What are they going to have next, a Motel-Mart.  They do guarantee the lowest prices around.

What do you think?  Is Walmart getting a little to big for it's britches, or is this really the best thing to happen?  I think Walmart has already put to many small grocery stores out of business, so why are they now trying to drive out the other small businesses?  I have used some of the services they offer, but I don't think I will be going to Walmart for all my needs. 

1 comment:

  1. Well all they need is an ob/gyn office and they are set. Perhaps a tattoo parlor?

    WalMart can be convenient. Yet, I know it has pushed alot of mom and pop's out of business. They can buy more in bulk and offer better deals. If only all business could do that.