February 18, 2011

True Bargains Are Out There!

I love reading some of those blogs that have great deals listed.  I love the free samples and latest coupons they blog about.  I have even read some reviews they posted and then went out and got the item they reviewed (or avoided like the plague if they had a bad review about it).

I always think to myself, they are so lucky to find all those bargains.  I know a lot has to do with the amount of stores they have to choose from and the competition between those stores.  Living here in a small town with the biggest competition being between two dollar stores, I don't normally find great deals. 

Well, I found my first really good bargain at a chain store last week.  We visited the cite on our family day last week and stoped to do a little shopping at Target.  (We rarely get to go to Target!)  I was wanting to get a good set of wash cloths and couldn't decide on the set I wanted.  Hubby wondered off and found a bargain area they have.  (Normally I know where all the bargain areas are in the stores I shop and go there regularly.  I call them junk aisle. lol!)  I was amazed with there bargain area.  They had a package deal of 4 fluffy white towels for $9.99 and dusting clothes marked down to a crazy low price too.  I don't remember what the price was, but that is what Hubby thought I was looking for.  What I did find was packages of Women's and Girls underwear marked down to $2.49!  I also saw Men's underwear and socks marked down too.  We had just got Hubby some new socks and paid $7.00 for 6 pairs.  They had 10 pairs for $4.00!  Hubby also found a twin blanket he just had to have to cover up with.  It was nice and fleece and warm looking.  It was marked down to $6.00.

So what did I end up paying?  Well I got two packs of Women's underwear and the fleece blanket for:

Women's Underwear at $2.49 (marked down from $8.99)
= $4.98

Fleece blanket at $6.00
= $6.00

Total = $10.98

And that was my big Bargain!  I know it doesn't compare to the ones my bloggy friends in the city find, but I am still proud of it. LOL!

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  1. Its always fun when one stumbles on a bargain. A little unexpected surprise on a shopping trip. You did really good. The blanket looks soft and comfy!