February 16, 2011

Sew Prettty.....

I have been working on a dress for a very special little girl.  I have a friend who had a miracle baby.  I have mentioned her here before, but it has been a while.  My friend had a few miscarriages before she became pregnant with her little girl. 

Her pregnancy was not an easy one.  She had complications and spent a good bit of it in the hospital.  Because of the complications, her daughter was born with a club foot and a hip that was out of place.  Her precious little girl has gone through a few surgeries and a few casts thought her little life.  She has died on the surgery table and was brought back to life.  We are all certain that the power of prayer and our Lord Jesus is the only thing that saved her.

 Her first birthday passed last month and I was beyond happy to help.  Her parents wanted her birthday to be special and so made her first birthday cake themselves.  Her mother baked it and I iced it.  It was so pretty. 

Not long after her first birthday, she had to have another surgery.  This time she was going to be in a full body cast.  I couldn't imagine how a one year old would be able to handle being in a full body cast, but she is a special child.  She is almost always happy!  She laughs and giggles like any other child.  She plays and has even learned to scoot around in her cast.  She moves her head and shoulders and then moves her bottom which moves the entire cast.  She is amazing. 

Since she is only a year old and in a full body cast, her mother can't find clothes that fist her correctly.  I decided to volunteer to make her some custom dresses.  My friend gave me a pattern of a dress she liked and some material.  Off to work I went.  I made the dress in a larger side and custom fit the straps and top to fit a smaller child.  This is the picture of the finished dress.

I plan to make her another one soon, but I wanted to share this one with my blogging world!  It's simple, but I enjoyed making it.


  1. That is a pretty dress! You did a good job making it and decorating the cake!

  2. The fact that you made this will mean so much to your friend! It is adorable!