December 22, 2009

Cleaning for Santa

The week of Christmas is a crazy busy one for everyone. For me, my crazy week started Saturday. We had a football party to attend, which lasted way past Will's bed time. Sunday we had a Birthday part! Will was just wore out.

Sunday the battery in my vehicle decided to go out as well. So you can guess what I was doing Monday. That's right I had to go get a new one. Will just wanted to stay home. I did too! We where not in a good mood yesterday. On top of that I have house work to do. I moped yesterday, but my mop (I have one of those Floor Mates from Hoover) broke and I didn't have a "real" mop, so my floor was very wet for a long time. I went get my battery while the floor dried.

Today I have to clean more of the house. Hopefully by Christmas it will be presentable to Santa. I can't have him come to a dirty house! He may just think lumps of coal would work best here! No, can't have that.

Last night I finally got Will to sit still so that I could cut his shaggy hair. I let him play with my cell phone while I cut. It helps him sit still. Here are a few pictures he took. He said he was trying to get a picture of the wild animal that was running around in our house:) Silly boy!

He also painted some ornaments for the tree. It was a kit I bought that had the paint and all in it. (He LOVES to paint!) They started out as a snow man and Santa. Now that he painted them you can't really tell what they are:) They are cute though and are now hanging on my tree!

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  1. Hi there! Neat ornaments... and I have to admit it did take me a little hwile to figure out what they were...

    On another note, I have a little "award" for you at my blog...