December 11, 2009

Dear Santa...PLEASE HELP!!!!

This year Will is starting to understand all about Santa. He has written a letter to Santa telling him what he wants this year. He started out by telling Santa that he is trying to be a good boy. Then what he would like for Christmas.

His list starts with the most bazaar thing. I have no idea what it is and think he may have just made it up. But just in case if any one knows what this is PLEASE let me know. Are you ready....he wants a dinosaur that drips off a mountain! Crazy I know!!!! I have racked my brain looked on every site with these words on it and nothing. We took him to every toy store we could find and every time we showed him a dinosaur he just shook his head and said that it waned it. What do I do?

So far we tried to explain to him that he may not get everything he wants for Christmas. Santa has a lot of kids to deliver too and his elves may not be able to make a dinosaur that drips off a mountain. We even told him that because Santa knows he has not been good all the time, he may not get everything on his list. I am just praying that on Christmas morning he is so happy with everything else he isn't upset over this.

The other things on his list are CARS toys like a Lightning McQueen Couch and cars. (That is a normal 3 year old request.) He also wants a camera. Like the fisher price camera. (Get ready the next one is a little odd for a 3 year old to want for Christmas.) He wants a popcorn machine. Not just any old popcorn machine, he wants an old fashion one. Luckily I found one on Amazon and used some of my Swag bucks to get it.

So Santa will bring all those things, but the dinosaur that drips off a mountain. I just don't know what that is. PLEASE help me if you have any idea of what this could be!!!!!!


  1. Good luck with the dinosaur! Don't you just love the ideas they come up with at that age!?

  2. hahaha that's wacko!

    anyways, im back to let you know i have something to make you smile as your blog does to me. visit real soon and grab it ;)