December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursdays-Bills

Today is Thankful Thursday. I enjoy going through all the things I am thankful for to find on to blog about, so I decided why just do it for one month. I am thankful for things all year round and so I will keep my Thankful Thursdays!

I am thankful for bills. Yes, Bills! Having bills for things like electricity, water, and gas remind me that I have a home to live in and a warm place for my family. Bills for telephones, satellite TV, and Internet remind me that we can afford these extras. Bills like tires for the truck and gas for the truck remind me we have a working vehicle that takes us to see friends and family, as well as to doctor appointments if need be.

I am most thankful that my hubby has a job that pays him enough that we can pay all those bills and I still can stay home with my little man. We make it in this hard would. Barley, but we make it! That is what I am thankful for. I have everything I need!
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  1. I never would have thought to say that I'm thankful for bills, but you make a good point. :)