December 4, 2009

Snow! In Louisiana!!

Who would have thunk it? It snowed in Louisiana! I have wanted to see snow fall all my life. Today was the day I got to see it. It was late and dark, but I got to see it! We turned on our porch light and stared at the falling snow like little children stare at Toys-R-Us around Christmas time.

In my memory it has sleeted and sometimes stuck. I was about 10 when this happened. Last year it kind of snowed. We woke up to an ice covered ground that we consider snow. But today was real honest to goodness snow. I saw the flakes and they where as beautiful as all the northerners describe. They where big too. I always thought of snow flakes as little soft things. These where huge. Like the size of quarters.

We let Will stand in it when it started to fall. Then after dinner we played in it. We made a snow man (a very small one) and had a snow ball fight. We didn't really have that much snow, but it was enough for me. I only hope it sticks long enough for us to play in again in the morning. If so, I will have pictures to post later. I feel like a little kid again!


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