December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursdays-Cell Phones

I am one of those that grew up with a part line in my home. You know the one that connected to all the houses on that line. I vividly remember hearing that little old lady breathing while I was on the phone with my school friends. Yes, that's the one.

Well my parents got a privet line not long after I was able to use the phone. But, when I started driving they let me get my first cell phone. (Yes, I had to buy it myself but they did pay the bill. I was a responsible teen and never went over my minutes.) I got one of the first flip phones that they had. It was "solid" and worked for about 3 years, until I dropped it in the washing machine and then it still worked it just spoke spanish.

Now I realize how important my cell phone is to me. I still don't have the top of the line phone, but I don't need all that extra stuff. I just need to call out and get calls. I do like the occasional text message though:) Last year some time I had washed my Hubby's cell phone in the washing machine (we go through more phones that way) and had to get him a new one. Since our contract was up they offered us a great deal on new phones for us both. ( I have only had two "new" phones ever. I usually keep a phone until I have to call in the insurance on it and get an upgrade because my phone is no longer in production.) Well, they didn't come with the care chargers only wall chargers. They where $25.00 extra! So, we went to Walmart and got Hubby a car charger because he drove a truck for a living. I didn't think I really needed one.

I found out that I did need one. I had been shopping with my Mother-In-Law all day and on the way home my phone died. Well I dropped her off and used her phone to call my Hubby to tell him my phone had died but I was on my way home. Don't you know after leaving my Mother-In-Law's house my car acted up. Every time I hit about 50 miles an hour it started making this crazy sound and felt like it was catching on something. I pulled over into this new subdivision and got out to look. I didn't see anything wrong. That's when this big scary construction worker comes out of one of the houses to ask me if I needed help. He said he had a phone that worked inside. I am one of those people that always think of the worst, and just knew he was trying to get me to go inside so he could rape and kill me, then leave in my car with my sleeping child in the back seat to do God know what?

I thanked him nicely and said it was nothing and drove out of there. For the record that construction worker was the only person in that subdivision working that day! No one else was around. After getting to about 50 again my car did it again. Thank the Dear Lord they had just built a Dollar General in that town and it was still open. I pulled in and looked around. As I grabbed my purse I noticed that the emergency brake was pulled up a little. My lovely Mother-In-Law must have pulled it up with her purse handles as she got out of the car. I pushed it back down and drove with no more problems all the way home. I was so happy to be home I was in tears. When I told my Hubby about it he got us back in the car and to Walmart we went. I got a car charger for me this time.

I never go anywhere with out my cell phone now! It is always charged and ready to go! We love our cell phones so much we got rid of our house phone. And this is why I am so thankful for cell phones!!!!

Thankful Thursdays are brought to you by Sherry at Saving Sherry. Go on over and see what she's thankful for or add your own. We would all love to know what your thankful for!


  1. I am so thankful for the sunshine today! After some dreary days, I'm just so glad to see it bright and clear.

    Blessings to you as you celebrate Christmas!

  2. couple things - lose my cell phone at least once a week

    and we shared a line with my grandma and she would ALWAYS listen in on our conversations