December 7, 2009


This is the pictures I promised of the snow we had here in Louisiana Friday night. It took me forever to find the snow setting on my camera. I never thought I would really need it. So when I did find it, it was after the snow fell and we played in it. It then began to sleet and melt. I took a few pictures, but they didn't come out as well as the daytime pictures I took the next morning. So here they are.

Will loved it all. We watched it fall the night before and then played in it. He pulled his little wagon through it. It was so cute to see the snow gather on the wheels and watch him yank it out . I took the snow off the vehicles and we made snow balls to through at each other. That didn't last very long. Will wanted to collect the snow balls and put them in his wagon. We even made a small snow man on my truck. The snow balls that I packed lasted on the ground until Sunday morning.

We had a lot of fun, but I was not prepared and Will had no gloves. He ended up in my knit ones that where way too big and got wet and cold. He did have two of everything on though, and we got him a big winter coat last year on clearance that was perfect. I have since gone and gotten him gloves and thermal underwear. He can use them when we go to my dad's camp later on. I don't think it will really snow again here, but you never know. This will make great memories for us.


  1. We got a bit of snow here in MD on Sunday. It was slushy but my son still managed to make a snow man. Looks like your little guy had a blast!

  2. i wish we have snow here in the tropics as well...but of course that can never happen. the closest is hale, well...thanks but no thanks it almost put a hole in my head! haha.

    btw, i have an award for you, hope you come and see it for yourself. you deserve it.

    i was scrolling down your bloglist and kindda got sad when i did not see any one of my blogs are linked in all 4 of mine since (i cant remember anymore). can you please link me too? ;)
    life round me N you
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