December 2, 2009

This And That

This is a post of mostly this and that. I have a little to share about a lot of different things.

To start with, Will helped me put up our tree. I put it up and he decorated it. He had help from his cousin Dustin this year. Dustin helped him put ornaments on the top. This way I didn't have a tree decorated form the middle down like last year:) Here is a picture of it!

I also had to take a picture of Horsey his favorite stuffed horse and best friend!

I entered my Christmas Tree in the contest over at Mama Buzz! I don't really think I will win, but it's fun. Horsey LOVES my tree:)

I also had the opportunity of trying this new toothpaste that was sent to me by SheSpeaks. It's called Aquafresh® iso-active®.

I love getting to try new things, especially for free! This was an item that I am so glad I got to try. The website has this to say:

Aquafresh Iso-Active Whitening doesn’t look like an ordinary toothpaste, and it doesn't act like one, either! Given that 40 percent of your tooth surface is hidden between your teeth, getting your mouth healthy and clean can be a challenge. But Iso-Active's revolutionary gel activates the moment you start brushing, transforming into a micro-fine foam. This active foam penetrates hard-to-reach places around your mouth, protecting between your teeth and giving you a whole-mouth clean.

Well, I agree that it doesn't look or act like an ordinary toothpaste. The stuff foams A LOT! I had to wash my mouth out after only half my teeth where brushed. The flavor is ok for me. Some say it is flavorless, but I don't like too much of a mint flavor. I didn't notice my teeth getting any whiter. I did only us it for a week though. My opinion is don't bother getting it. It foams way too much and is overpriced, even with the coupons they offer. This is just my opinion though! I would like to say a big thank you to SheSpeaks! I will always give my honest opinion.

In other news, I feel like I haven't spent enough time (playing) with Will. So, today is all about him. We watched cartoons this morning, played cars, musical chairs, went to "his" library, and we are about to make peanut butter cookies! I wonder what the rest of the day will bring. Tomorrow he is excited about grocery shopping. He started his own make believe list. How cute is that!

I also wanted to tell everyone about the giveaway I will be having soon! It is my first giveaway ever. It was suppose to start today, but I had some technical difficulties. It will be soon though! I hope you love it!!!!


  1. your tree looks adorable. good luck with your contest

  2. What a great tree-- love the horse!! LOL-- I am loving shespeaks -- looking forward to a product test that involves Chocolate that I am supposed to be getting!

    I bet that Will was really excited for today to be all about him!

    I can't wait to see your Giveaway!!