December 1, 2009

Football Night

Last night was football night in our house. The New Orleans Saints played against the New England Patriots. We are Saints fans!

My hubby has been a Saints fan since birth. He is not a fair weather fan. This year he has been in Heaven with them winning every game they played. My son loves the Saints too. (Mostly because Dad does!)

They were so cute watching the game together. Will had his Saints jersey on and hubby had his Saints blanket around him. I am not allowed in the room during the big game. He found out early in the season that every time I walk in the room something bad happens. So I stayed in the kitchen or on the computer for most of the game. I don't believe in superstitions, but it can't hurt. ( I don't really care for football ether way.)

It is so funny to hear hubby yell at the tv, and then hear Will yell too. He's not to sure what he's yelling about, but if Daddy does it so does he. I can only imagine what someone would think if they walked up to our house during the game. The noise would scare wild animals away:)

This is a picture of Will getting a candy during a break in the game. He was all into it. Hurrying to get his candy out of the candy bucket and wanting to know if the game was back on. So cute!!!

In the end the Saints won again. The score was Saints 38 Patriots 17. Hubby was a happy man!!! Will was a sleepy boy!! The game ended around 10:30 pm. Way past his bed time. They had fun watching the game together though. Will only took a break long enough to take a bath. The Saints are now 11-0. WOW!

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  1. Your little guy is to cute. It seems he is turning into daddy:-)