November 30, 2009


I have the coolest shirt ever!!!! I love it!!! I took a picture for you all to see! (Please ignore all the craziness in the back ground)

So this picture is not all that great, but I had to show it! My shirt says " I Love You...Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake.

NochoMamaTees allowed me review one of their great t-shirts and how could I refuse? This one was just so funny. The t-shirt I chose is a medium, preshrunk, and fits great. It is made very well and they shipped it super fast. I swear they must have some kind of magic portal to my mail box. I never get anything this fast. I ordered it on the 24th and it came in on the 27th. That was with the Thanksgiving holiday and all! I couldn't believe it!

I have been sporting my new shirt around and already I have some family members that loves it and are so jealous. I guess I know what I will be giving as gifts this Christmas.

This is the picture of my shirt and a few others that I love from the NachoMamaTees site!

My Tee!!

Possibly the next Tee I order for myself!

My hubby and I both Love this one!

I think this one is awesome!

This one my hubby loves, but said I had to be smart to understand it. I'm not that smart! He may just be getting it for Christmas though. (Don't tell him!)

So, a big thank you to NachoMamaTees! I was given the Tee, but my review was totally and entirely my own. I stand by my opinion! I love my Tee!!


  1. I tottally agree they have some of the greatest and funniest tees

  2. Those are some funny t's!
    Thanks for the honest review!

    I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! :)

  3. OMGOsh! These are great! Love the one you got....

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks