November 11, 2009

Twilight-How do you feel about it?

I have recently found out that some Christian Moms band the Twilight series form their home! I LOVE the Twilight series and had to find out why they would do this.

Apparently they looked at it completely different from the way I looked at it. I found it to be a great series. I thought it was very apparent that this was fiction. Complete fantasy! It is very well written and even makes you think about your faith. The main characters discus faith and purity in the series many times. The love of family is very strong in their lives. I thought that the entire series was mainly about right and wrong.

Others have found that they see the main characters teaching lust. They found the evil in it. I do have to say if you are looking for the evil you will find it. Evil is in every thing. You only have to look. You can visit Jasmine at Far Above Rubies to better understand her feelings about this. She goes into a lot more detail than I do. Mostly because she feels so strongly about it.

I feel that my son is being taught to love the Lord and know when something is fact or fiction. I don't think that I will keep him from reading these books when I feel he is old enough. I intend to talk about it with him first and make sure he is old enough to enjoy the books, without thinking vampires are real and boys can turn into wolves. I also don't want him to think that love works the same way in real life as in the books. He has to understand they idolize each other more than love each other. No one is perfect. As far as the movies are concerned I don't really like them and I don't yet know how I feel about him watching them one day. I have many years to think this through.

So, how do you feel about the Twilight series? Do you band them from your house hold? Would you let your children read them? Let me know!


  1. I LOVE the Twilight series! I'm a Christian mom who is church every time the doors are open. But I can discern fiction from fact and enjoy a good love story. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with that. The first movie wasn't my fav, but I am going to see the midnight show of New Moon with my best girlfriends the day it opens! (More because it's fun to go out with my girls at midnight than cause I care that much about the movie!)

    I agree with you though, there is evil in everything and you're bound to find it if you're looking. I admire those who feel so strongly about it...the Lord convicts us all, just not necessarily of the same things.

  2. I think a website that explains a Christian perspective against Twilight is Sharper Iron and here's where you can find their view, which I agree with, but couldn't put it as well as they can!


  3. LOVE the Twilight series. I agree, you can find evil in ANYTHING, if you go looking for it. I will say that no, this series isn't about the healthiest relationships. But, it is fantasy, pure and simple.

    Can't wait for New Moon~

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

  4. Joshlin, thanks for sharing your perspective here on your blog and thank you for being kind. God bless you.

  5. I saw your comment on Jasmine's blog and came on over. I agree that it is our job to teach young people to know good from evil, right from wrong, and hope that when they are out in the world on their own, they will make good choices.