November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursdays-Children

Today I am thankful for children. It is sometimes so hard to get them in to the world. For some just to conceive is a miracle in itself. Then, if possible,to carry them for 40 weeks and give birth to them by screaming, pushing, and crying!

I don't have a list today, because all children are gifts for God. I am thankful for every single one. Of course My son is on the top of my list, but that is just because I am bias. LOL!

Instead I am praying for all those children who need the Lord. All those who are sick, abused, starving, sad, depressed, or just not having a good day. So many children need our prayers. I especially pray for those who don't yet know the Lord. They may have never been taught or where just taught wrong. I also send a special prayer up for all those little souls who where aborted and the ones not yet born, but still growing in their mothers womb.

Today I ask that you please pass along your prayers too. Every child could use one more prayer!

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  1. Great post! I will definitely stay an extra prayer for any and ALL children in need of them. :)