November 17, 2009

Gossip Girl

I am trying to be a better person and become closer to God. Other blogs are really helping. I have come across some that have given me lots to think over and some that have given me some idea of what direction I should go.

I struggle with gossip. I don't have a ton of people I go gossiping to, but I do it. I have been trying not to. I have been catching myself most of the time, but sometimes I think a few minutes too late that I should not have said that.

I mostly gossip about my sister-in-law. If you knew her you would understand. See is that gossiping? That one statement makes me feel like I just gossiped.

She makes me feel so disgruntled sometimes. The things she says and does!!! Wow I could tell you stuff all day. I will not gossip thought. Even though I want to!

You have all read about my problem with the funeral last week and have given me lots of support and I thank you all for that from the bottom of my heart!!!! She was a big reason that post was made. Know Thanksgiving is coming up and then Christmas, and I have already felt the strain of holding myself back. I am not a nasty person, but she can get to me.

My question is how do you do it? How do you keep your feelings and words in check? I am struggling! I am putting forth an effort though! Most of my comments about her only play through in my head. I hope it gets easier with practice!

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  1. If anyone comes up with an idea, I know I could use it too. We are in the same boat. My sis in law to be is quite self centered. It was 3 years of my doing family meals before she even realized I have nieces and nephews of my own! She talks a lot and mostly about herself or kids. I know what you mean, about not wanting to gossip about her. However, sometimes its just easier or you will explode! Good Luck.