November 3, 2009


I have been working on the sharing idea with Will for some time now. As most mothers know this is a problem at some time or another. Being an only child, he doesn't have to share all that often. When his cousins and friends come over he had been struggling with the idea of sharing.

We traveled to his Grandmother's house the other day and he had his chance to show us that he has been listening. My hubby was driving and got out at the gas station. When he got in a Reba McEntire song was on the radio. He very well changed it. He is not a big Reba fan. I feel that you should never turn a Reba song off. That is just something you don't do. Well 15 minutes later a Johny Cash song came on. I turned it. Hubby was very upset to say the least. He doesn't look well on turning a Cash song.

As we argued about who was right and who should just grow up, Will stops us by saying " have to share your music!" What do you say to that. I am just so glad he has been learning what sharing really means. All my work is paying off. The ironic thing is I was the one not sharing. Funny how things work out.

Now I am more than happy to continue trying to teach him not to run in the house. This seams to be a bit harder lesson to learn. It sure gives him a lot of bumps and bruises.


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