November 20, 2009

A Great Shopping Day

Yesterday was one of my best shopping days ever!!!

I started at Target. I hadn't really planed on buying much. I wanted to see how much a Fisher Price Camera was. They had it on sale last week, but I didn't get a chance to go. This week it wasn't on sale, but a lot of other things where. I ended up getting a few Christmas gifts out of the way. I got 2 of the cutest little long sleeve onsies for my 2 new nieces with a pair of knitted mittens, a Bob The Builder movie, a Thomas The Train movie, a pair of pants for Will, and a pair of sandals that will hopefully fit him in the summer. My total was $23.00. How great was that!

The sandals that I hope will fit in the summer.

Then I had to go to JC Penny's to return some ghetto fabulous pants my son got for his birthday (late) from my sister-in-law. (Trying to be good and not gossip about her.) I had a coupon I got here (thank you Coupon Dad!) for $10.00 of a purchase of $25.00 or more. I got the $10.00 back from the pants on a gift card. Then found him 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts on sale for $3.99 each regular $9.99. I also got him a pair of slippers on sale for $9.99 regular $18.00. All together my bill was $29.94 before tax. after my coupon and gift card (for the returned pants) I paid....$11.39 after taxes. How sweet is that!!!

The clothes I got for Will....

and the slippers I got for him.

I then got him a fabulous pair of shoes from Payless for $22.99. I had a coupon (thank you Brads Deals) for 15% off and that made them $19.54. I paid $21.30 after taxes. Not the greatest deal, but still good. He totally loves them!

The shoes light up too!

I hit Walmart after that, but didn't really find any great deals. I did get his Fisher Price Camera though. The girl at the counter totally ruined it. She let him see it after I said I was trying to hide it, and then asked him if he wanted his new camera to carry home. I quickly told him it was for Aunt Jenny and Jaydon. He still thinks it's for Jaydon. He asked me if he could hold Jaydon's new camera when we got home. I felt bad:( At least I know he will be happy for Christmas when he finds what Santa left him under the tree! I did save $8.65 in coupons at Walmart though. Not the $40 + others save, but still good.

I also got my free panties at Victoria's Secret today too!!! And did you know that the Great American Cookie Company charges $2.75 for ONE ginger bread man. Yes!!! That is what I paid. Will wanted it and I said yes before they told me how much it was. It was good though. But never again!

So I had a good shopping day today. Did anyone find any good deals other than the Black Friday deal I can't go to?:( So many of the ads are out now. I didn't really see anything I have to have anyway. I hope you all find what you are looking for.

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  1. Score!! Days like that are sooo cool! And after the week you have had, this is just a bonus for you.

    I wish they made light up shoes for adults. I would so get a pair.