November 2, 2009

A Weekend of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hunters, and Lady Bugs!

This weekend flew by! Our weekend started unexpectedly early Friday evening. We usually don't consider Friday as part of the weekend since hubby works all day and comes home tired. So, when we got a call from a friend asking us if we wanted to go to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert that night we where ecstatic. Then we realized we had no baby sitter and couldn't go. My cousin called about 20 minutes later and offered to babysit! They got the call asking them to go after we couldn't. Since she had one week until her baby is due she didn't want to go. Being the great person she is offered to babysit for us instead! This is one of the reasons I love her so much! She is also Will's Nanny!

We had a great time at the concert. We had floor seats and where only 10 rows back. I took pictures, but you know they didn't come out! My hubby was so excited to see this band. I was more excited to be doing something together. The last concert we went to I was pregnant and the last movie we saw was before I was pregnant. That was a very very long time ago! Will is 3 now!

Of course Saturday was Halloween and we spent the day getting ready. Will wanted to be a hunter! I had his camouflage shirt, pants, and jacket ready. We made a last minute trip to Walmart to get some face paint and to see if we could find him a (toy) shot gun to carry. Yes, I had my doubts about having him carry a gun around town, but I didn't really think he would carry it in the end. Hubby very much wanted him to have the gun though. So, we found the face paint and the gun. Then we found the pumpkins on sale for 50 cents!

Like I mentioned in my other post about not ever carving a pumpkin before, I didn't know how fast it would rot! So, when we saw the pumpkins for so cheep we got another one. This one I let Will paint when we got home. ( No time for carving one today. )

When we got home I was very impressed with how well he did with his gun. Hubby showed him how to carry it when not shooting it, and taught him the rules of not pointing it at anyone and so on. He did so great.

When it was time to go trick or treating he did just as I had thought. That gun stayed in the truck the whole time! Big sigh of relief.... he had the best time though. His little girl friend, Karlie, came with us and together they had a blast. (She was dressed as a lady bug!)

Sunday went just as fast! We spent the day with my mother-in-law at her house. Hubby's sister and her family came too. It was a day of food and shopping for us girls. The kids and men stayed at her house and let the kids ride the four wheelers and the Kawasaki Mule. All in all it turned out to be a great weekend. I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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