November 11, 2009


I have been spending a lot of time the last few days doing things I knew Will would like. I always try to do fun things with him, but lately I have found a ton of fun things.

Friday I got to keep my Godson Jaydon for the day. He is only one, but has a ball at my house following Will around. I pulled out the mega blocks for them again. Jaydon knocked down a lot of what Will made. Will was not happy. He has now learned to put all his towers on the table after he makes them, so Jaydon can't reach them.

Saturday I made a last minute trip to Walmart. I love the Dollar Tree and one had just opened a few weeks ago in the town I went to. Will found this paint set and had to have it. He loves to paint. (I think the possibility of a mess is what he really loves! Boys!:) He used a lot of brown on them because he found out that Daddy's favorite color is brown. He loves his Daddy!

Sunday one of my friends and I took the kids to a parade. They loved it. Its not every day a parade comes through town. We live in very small towns. This one was for the Swine Festival. Yes we celebrate everything in Louisiana. We have festivals about Pigs, Rabbits, Frogs, Rice, Strawberries, and everything in between.

This is a picture of Will dancing to one of the three bands in the parade. I was totally surprised to see as many as 3 bands.

Monday was a trip to get yarn to make his Pee Paw a blanket for Christmas. Will had to keep the secret till then. He is doing a great job so far. He loves secrets. This is the first he has to really keep though.
Tuesday we had Jaydon over again. They played in the yard. I have great photos, but they are all of their faces. Sorry.

Today we are making a trip to the library so that he can play on the children's computer they have set up. He calls this his library because of that. He tells me my library is the library in the next town we sometimes visit. That one is smaller and doesn't have a children's computer:) It is amazing how he has things in his little mined.


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