November 18, 2009

Back On Track

Well everything seems to be normal. My hubby is still alive (Thank the Good LORD!!!!), my son is still bad, and I have not yet been admitted to the mental institution.

It took me a while, but I am now ok with my bad dream. Well, not ok with it but I have come to the conclusion that it is just a dream and it didn't come true or come back last night to haunt me. I tell you what thought. It surly made me love on my hubby more when he came home yesterday. He said he felt loved and that is all I wanted him to say. I think I will hold him closer from now on. Not that I didn't before but, well you know what I mean!

As for Will, he is still bad. The last few days he has shown a new side of himself that I just don't like and intend on changing. You know what he did Sunday, but Monday was just as bad. He got punished form his Thomas set too. Tuesday we had company. He had a play date with his friend Carlie. She is a very rough little girl, but Will has learned to hold his own with her. He is know being mean to her. He was caught throwing things at her and sitting on her to pull her hair. He was one his knees twice and would have gotten worse if I hadn't been holding her sleeping month old brother. He got it when she left though. Today I can only imagine what he will pull. I have a trip to "his library" planed and a trip to my Grandmother's house. We shall see how this goes.

No one has come to cart me off the the mental institution yet! (It's only a mater of time.) Sometimes I feel like that won't even help me. I already freaked out on Aunt Jenny today. And its only 8:00 am. She had Jaydon get the N1H1 shot. I am suppose to watch him for her this weekend so they can go to the movies. It was in the news that he can be contagious for a short time now. Will has not had the shot nor will he get one. I definitely don't need him to get the N1H1 form Jaydon's shot. She has called the doctor though and he will not be contagious by the weekend. (They say he is not contagious at all, but I don't trust what people are saying about this flue to start with.)

So life is back on track for right now. I will let y'all know what happens with the N1H1 shot and Will's health after I babysit Jaydon. If Will doe's get it I may just go completely bananas! We shall see.

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  1. Wow! You have had quite the week. Glad to hear you have not been locked up yet. :)