November 24, 2009

This Is How I Roll

Let me just start by saying I am a baker. I love to bake. In my family I am famous for my yeast rolls. So as you can see this shirt is perfect for me!

I didn't even have to pay a single penny for this great shirt. I won it! Is many of you know I love giveaways. I have won a few. This was a giveaway for ANY shirt I wanted at Crazy Dog T-Shirts. This was a giveaway hosted by Rachel at Second Time Around.

When Rachel told me I could choose any shirt I was so excited. This shirt seemed to be made for me. It is one of their shirts that is form fitting though. I got the biggest size they have in it (XL). It just fits me. They did warn me that it was form fitting! They have lots of others that or regular fit though. They even have a handy little button that helps you find you size.

These are a few others I considered! I may just have to order more. They would also describe me so well! I can always use my Swag Bucks to get a gift card to Crazy Dog T-Shirts!!

Some say I have A.D.D. but they just don't under...Hey Look A Squirrel

I have dis..disleck...dyslec...I can't freaking spell!!!

Rachel has lots of other giveaways going on right now. Hurry and enter them. Some end TODAY!!!!

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PreHistin Giveaway Ending 11/24

Kolcraft Jeep 2-in-1 Booster Seat & Everyday Bag Giveaway Ending 11/25

Cystex Giveaway Ending 11/27

MyClyns Personal Germ Spray Giveaway Ending 11/27

"Seven" by Jacqueline Leo Giveaway Ending 12/2 (5 winners)


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