November 23, 2009

Got Hog Lard? Update!!!

Got Hog Lard!

That's right! Hog Lard!

Today I am on the hunt for some good old hog lard. Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas we fry our turkeys in hog lard. Not to good for you, but in the south we don't really care. Everything is better in when it isn't good for you.

I will be going to nearby towns looking for my precious hog lard. It is a bit hard to find. Lots of people want it and you can only get it where they butcher. Some stores no longer butcher even though they sell specialty meats. They buy the meats and smoke, stuff, and/or dry them. I so love those stores!!! The smell of smoked sausage or some good old cracklens. Makes me gain 5 pounds thinking about it.

So, I hope everyone has a great day today. My day will be great as soon as I find my 4 count them 4 gallons of hog lard!
I did not get my hog lard:( I called and visited countless stores. Finally I decided to go and get vegetable oil. I called my cousin to see how big the turkey would be to know how much oil I needed. (Vegetable oil is more expensive than hog lard.) She then informed me that her hubby's boss gave them a box of oil because he wanted us to fry his turkey as well.
Do you mean to say I have been running around all day to find hog lard when you had oil? Then on top of that he gave them the good stuff. Peanut oil. (In my opinion hog lard is the best, but most people think peanut oil is the best. Its just more expensive. They have to get oil from a freaking peanut!!! It will cost more!) I am now home without hog lard:(
I am sure the turkey will be good anyway. If not I am making a pork roast that will be GREAT! (Yes, I LOVE pork!)

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  1. Well darn it! Glad you were able to get the peanut oil though, and for FREE! :) Maybe you can stock up on hog lard a little earlier next year? :)