November 17, 2009

Bad Dreams!!!

I never have bad dreams!! I can remember that I had 2 bad dreams in my entire life until today. This one takes the cake.

Between 5:00 and 7:00 am I had the worst dream that I have ever had!!! I was crying and all. It was so bad!!!!

I dreamed that my hubby died. My dream was so vivid. I don't know what he died of. It was not a horrific death with lots of gory stuff, but he did die. I dreamed of calling people and telling them. I dreamed of being at the funeral. I dreamed of other family members trying to console and help me. I even dreamed about my son being with me. I had conversations from my dream that are still with me. It was so horrible. The feeling it left with me makes me want to drive up to where he works and just make him come home with me.

I was and still am terrified. First thing I did this morning was text him that I love him!!! I was on pins and needles till he text me back. He did though. Thank the good Lord!!!! I am still .........

My phone just rang and it was my hubby's ring tone. It rang once and I just tried to call him back and it wouldn't go through. After it felt like an eternity (1 1/2 minutes ) he called me back. Talk about make my heart miss a few beets!! I got to tell him all about my bad dream. I also cried a lot more. I feel better know though that I know he's ok.

I guess it helps me feel a little better that my dreams don't ever come true. Some people say that they dream and sometimes something comes true or something similar happens.

I think I am going to go sit with my bible for a little while and talk with God.


  1. i feel like rubbing your hair - it's just a dream, it's just a dream, it's just a dream

  2. Thank you! Sometimes I need to be reminded!

  3. Its funny how dreams can be scarier than real life. What an awful dream for you. *hugs*