May 11, 2010

Days of Fun!

Mother's Day was a good one at our house. I had my little man with me and that was all I needed. He was actually very good that day. We had lots to do and he stayed busy. I was afraid I would have a repeat of my birthday, but the day turned out much better.

Hubby had to work this weekend, but was off yesterday and today. We had a crawfish boil yesterday. I don't eat crawfish, but everyone else sure does. We had a great time visiting and having fun. The crawfish where amazing from what everyone said. We ate, the men played music (they all play guitar), and the kids about fell out last night from playing so hard all day.

It all just reminds me how blessed we are and how thankful I need to be. I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and a great Weekend in general.


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