May 7, 2010

Please Pray!

I have herd of the big flood that took over in Nashville. My Hubby even showed me a picture of the Grand Ole Opry under water. But, I never really understood the detestation until I saw the pictures posted on Allie's blog Table For 3.

The reality hit me so hard I began to cry. I had prayed for the people who were effected by this before, but now my prayers had pictures in my mind to go with them. I began to think of all the hurricanes I have been through here in Louisiana and how we are now entering hurricanes season again. The pictures brought up so many memories.

I ask that you visit Table For 3 and see for yourself. Please pray for those people and their families. They could also use some help if you have the extra to give. They have lost everything. From clothes to normal everyday things we take for granted like soap and toothpaste. But most important please I ask that you send up a prayer for them. Pray with me know.

Dear Father, Please hold these people in your hand. You know what they need most. We pray that they don't forget that there is a reason for everything and you are with them now. May they receive all they need to rebuild and may they praise your name Dear God. Amen!

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  1. Table of 4 has a great list of websites to help the victims.

    I have to mention Suburban Turmoil. A Nashville resident. Her family and home are safe but she's rallying the troops together to bring some help to the families and neighbors.

    Lindsay is starting to gather gift cards for her church and to give to the flood victims.

    Head over to both blogs for great ways to help!