May 5, 2010

What Kind Of Pantie Girl are You?

Let me start today by saying this. I wanted to post yesterday. I really did. I woke up with a post in mind. I had it all planed out. Then I realized I felt horrible. My allergies and sinus didn't want to corporate with me.
So, the morning was gone. When the afternoon came the Internet was down. I decided that was God's way of telling me to just rest and not worry about it today.
Now this morning I feel a little better and the Internet is up. This is the post I wanted to write for yesterday.
What kind of a girl are you?
Do you wear granny panties or thongs? I had a conversation all about this a few days ago. Most of the women I talked to are now Moms and now wear granny panties almost always. They are comfortable and who cares about what our panties look like now anyways. The baby who is waking up for the 2:00 am feeding sure doesn't care and the 12 year old sure doesn't want to find Mom's thong in her clothes by mistake!
A few still wear thongs. This group was mostly made up of the women who had children early in life and still go out to have a good time with their Husbands and friends. They feel young and just never wanted to become a granny pantie girl.
I was in the group that liked bikini cut. I was never a thong girl. They look so uncomfortable (I now know not all are) and unattractive if they show. I don't like granny panties because they come up over the top of my pants and can show. (As you can see I don't like under ware to show) Thongs are just not me. I do ware them on occasion when I have on dress pants that drape and you can see the pantie line of other panties.
So what kind of pantie girl are you?
So, what group do you fit into.


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