May 17, 2010

I Haven't Seen My Mommy In 2 Weeks!!!!

This weekend was a great one for our house hold in more ways than one! Friday night my friend and I got to see Martina McBride in concert. What a concert it was.

I have always been a fan of Martina's, but I don't know if I have ever stopped to reflect on her music. After listening to so many of her song in a row (She sang a lot of songs in that concert), I realized just how many songs represented her faith. Not many music stars as big as she is have their faith represented so well. She was very nicely dressed and you could clearly see her band was like a big family.

I also noticed she had a lot of songs that where about abuse. It makes me wonder what kind of a life she had growing up. She now has 3 girls in ages from 14 to 4. WOW! She is a wonder Mom who seems to do it all, even keeping her faith alive in a crazy world where so many stars loose their faith so easily.

Saturday was Hubby and my 6th anniversary!!! We never do much for our anniversary. One or both of us is usually working and we just end up having a nice family dinner at home. This year our anniversary fell on a Saturday. We planed a dinner and a movie out. We had a babysitter for Will and everything. Our friends watching Will talked him and us into letting Will spend the night. It was agreed on by all parties and went extremely well considering Will has not spent the night away from Mommy since he was one month old (which really doesn't count). Hubby and I enjoyed a nice dinner and great movie. We haven't been able to do anything like that in years. (I must say I did tear up in the movie theater when no one could see because I was missing my little man.)

(We saw Robin Hood and it was great!!)

Just when we where about to head home my cell rang. Will was crying for Mommy and swore to everyone he hadn't seen his Mommy in 2 weeks! You would think I abandoned him. When we got to our friends home he was sound asleep. They told us he was so tired and after talking to me on the phone fell asleep in 15 min. He ended up waking up the next morning as happy as could be and never even mentioned the word Mommy. He told me when he got home that he had fun and now was planning his next sleep over at Mee Maw's house. We shall see how that goes!

Sunday I got my anniversary gift, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is and why I had to wait until Sunday to get it! See you right back here tomorrow:)

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  1. That's great that you and your friends and especially your hubby are gettin' out. It seriously saves mom's sanity when you can leave the house for a little while.

    Kids will be like that. I know my little monster misses me while I'm at work, but it's good that he's not getting use to you being there all the time. Separation Anxiety is a terror if it's bad enough.

    Happy Anniversary!