May 3, 2010

Ready To Give Away A Dog!!!

Why am I ready to give away a dog? This is what I found in my house Sunday when I came home from visiting the in-laws....

That was on the floor in the kitchen. It's a slice of bread. As I looked around this is what I found in the dogs bed....

That is what was a whole loaf of bread, a twelve pack of Coca-Cola (thank goodness it wasn't my Dr Pepper!), a bad of dog treats, and a box that some planting stuff came in! Plus she tore down two sets of blinds now from the living room windows!

But wait! That morning when I came home from Church I found she used the bathroom on my carpet! She knows better by now. I'm at my whits end. If someone would have offered to take her yesterday she would have been gone in a heart beat! I am getting overwhelmed with the dog hair everywhere too!

She made up for it all this morning though. She usually wakes me up very early to take her out. Today she let me sleep an extra hour. It was so lovely. I guess I'll keep her. I do like her some:) I just get so tired of cleaning up after her. That's all I seam to do. I guess I'll have to pray about this a little more. I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


  1. Put an x-box controller in there, exchange the dog biscuits, well, no keep them, and then you'll have what my boy's room is gonna look like in 10 years.

  2. sorry! hope it gets better soon! puppies are hard!!