May 24, 2010

This Ceiling Fan Sucks!!!!

Will has a ceiling fan in his room that has been needing to be replaced forever! The blades on the thing bow down because it hasn't ran in years. In all honesty it didn't run when we moved here. I have wanted to replace it forever! My sister-in-law gave me a brand new fan some time ago, but since Hubby is a little afraid of electricity he wouldn't put it up. I was going to put it up myself since it came with directions and all. Hubby found out about my plan and flat out told me I was NOT going to do it myself. Especially when he wasn't home!!! (That was my plan! I didn't want him home while I did it meaning I would be home alone with Will and not having him worry.)

So, I finally talked his cousin's Hubby into doing it for me by paying him with a good home cooked meal. (I make the best pork roast ever!!!! No really I do!!!) He came over a little drunk and put it up after he ate. It was easy as pie to put it up.

Now, only a few months later, two of the three bulbs has burnt. I decided to go buy some more when I found out that no one carries the stupid special bulbs it apparently needs! Now I have to either change the fan out again or change out the part that the light fits into so that a normal bulb will fit. Again I am not going to be allowed to change it and need to talk someone into coming and doing it for me. This sooooo sucks!!! I hate this fan!!!! And the other one!!!!

Ok, I got that out of my system. Thanks for sticking around if you read all that. Sorry for the complaining! And yes, the ceiling in Will's room is dark blue. That was all my idea when painting his room. It reminds Hubby of the old skating ring days. I just wanted it to resemble the night sky. When he is bigger we can get some glow in the dark stars to put up for him. (I tried the glow in the dark paint. Didn't work!)


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