May 23, 2010

It's Sooooooo Bad!!!

I tried so hard not to cry!!!! My head hurt so bad!!!! I just wanted to go home and never leave again!!!!! What made me feel like this you ask? Well.....................................

I decided to finally go and get my hair cut. It has been needing it for some time now. It is hot and was killing me in the heat. (The heat index has been in the 100's here!)

The girl that I made the appointment with to cut my hair didn't show up at work Friday, so I let someone else cut it. I explained how I wanted it cut. (Very classic and not at all cutting edge and stylish.) I am a very traditional and a classic kind of girl. Apparently I didn't come across that way. She thought I was a stylish kind of girl (did she not see my classic t-shirt and shorts with flip flops and mommy bag?).

I got a very stylish and trendy cut, but it's so not me!!! I don't know what to do. Hubby said it's not the worst hair cut I've ever got and it doesn't look that bad on me. He also admitted that it just wasn't my style. I decided to wash it myself, blow it out, and flat iron it. It didn't really help. It stilled looked about the same. (Sigh) I am stuck with it. So, I told myself to just accept it and try to rock it. To act like I am stylish and trendy! Well, I woke up with my head feeling good again Saturday morning. I saw my Mother-In-Law (who always has something to say about everything) and she didn't say a word about my obvious new hair cut! What!!!! Nothing to say!!!!! Is it that bad!!!!! Here comes the horrible pains in my head!

I finally got the courage to ask her about what she thought. She admitted that she didn't like the cut much, but it didn't look bad on me. She just felt the style wasn't the best. That is exactly the way I feel. I don't care for this style on anyone I saw it on previously. It's just not my kind of thing, you know.

I have considered taking my own scissors and doing a little cutting on my own to it. Should I? I don't want to go and pay someone to fix it, and the poor girl already felt so bad when she realized that this was not the cut I wanted. She even tried to fix it so that it wasn't so dramatic. What do I do? Do I just try to rock it and let it grow out? My hair does grow pretty fast. I don't know what to do.

This is about what the cut looks like, just no bangs, a little longer in the front, red hair, and not so pretty face. More like the one on the right, but not so messy. More smooth like the one one the left.

I think I will pull the front up and pin it back to go to church today. I don't know what else to do until I totally make peace with this cut or just chop off the front more myself.


  1. I'm sorry you aren't happy with the hair cut. That's not fun. Fortunately it will grow out... it will just take some time. Good luck!

  2. I bet you look great! I used to have that haircut, and honestly loved it once I got used to it. It was one of my faves looking back. It did take some adjusting though. :) Hope you feel better about it soon. It sucks to hate a haircut.

  3. The inverted bob is very popular now. Can we see pics? I'm sure it's not that bad.

    When I was 12 I cut all of my hair into a pixie cut, THAT was bad.

    I'll post pictures, I promise.

    Sleep on it, literally for a day or two, see what you can do with it. If you absolutely hate it to the point where you want to wear a baseball cap 24/7 (remember, homemade PIXIE CUT), then chop it.

  4. Wow, I would be so fired up mad about this. I can relate to your words and I wish I could just hug you because I know how pretty you are on the inside. Hugs. Lynn