May 12, 2010

Will! Will! How Does Your Garden Grow?

Will and I planted a pot garden starting them from seeds a while back. They are starting to get big and even produce.

Will got to taste his reward a few days ago and it was sweet. He had his first strawberry turn red and ready to eat. More are on the way. I can't believe how many are being produced. His tomato plants are next. One is already growing a tomato and this squash plants are big and growing. The only thing that hasn't even sprouted yet are his watermelon seeds. They are miniature watermelons and we just planted them not long ago. They may still make.

Having a garden has been great for both teaching Will to grow things as well as having our own food that is so much yummier than store bought hot house vegetables. I encourage everyone to plant a garden. Even if it's just in pots like ours:)


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