March 3, 2010

Did He Really Just Say That?

Children say really funny things at odd times. My son has picked up a few new "big" words, and amazingly knows how to use them.

Will had a dentist appointment Monday. He had his teeth "tickled" and cleaned. Know he has been referred to another dentist for the deterioration on two of his top teeth. We have that appointment at the end of this month.

After they cleaned his teeth he looks at me and says "PeePaw is going to be so jealous of my sparkly clean teeth!" His PeePaw just had all his teeth taken out so he could have dentures put in soon.

After we left the dentist I had to make a trip to walmart. I am making him a quilt and needed some more fabric. They didn't have exactly what I was looking for. This is when Will looks at me all serious like and says "Mommy, why don't you try something different. Variety is the spice of life." What? Did my 3 year old just say this? (This goes to show he has watched too many Olivia cartoons!)

WOW! He is getting so big. His vocabulary is getting even bigger than mine! I will have pictures later of his quilt after it's done. I was hoping to have it done soon, but I had to take Will to the doctor yesterday. Apparently he caught a (hopefully 24 hour) stomach virus. He is doing really well with it. He through up around 3:00 am yesterday, but since then he is just tired and hardly eating anything. My poor little man. He is taking it so well!


  1. it's crazy what 3 year olds come up with! you really wonder where they pick up some of the big boy words and phrases they learn. Nothing slips past them!

  2. I just love the little things that come out of little mouths. I am always blogging about things my boys say. However, they say some not-so-funny things too.

    I hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon and that it's nothing more than a 24 hr bug.

  3. Its always a hoot when little ones have come up with something out of the blue like that. The sparkling white teeth kills me. *lol*