March 24, 2010


Is anyone out there feeling the warmth of spring? I am!! I let Will play outside the last few days! He loved it! He is getting back into the groove of playing outside again and asks to go outside not long after he gets up in the morning. LOL!

He even learned something new about his John Deer Tractor. He can make it pop a wheelie! We where all amazed when he did it the first time! He made that thing come off the ground about 2 feet or so. Once he even made it go strait up. I thought it would fall over backwards. The only thing that saved it was the hitch on the back for the wagon. He is way more cautious now. I am too! It was a little scary for the both of us. Hubby was so proud! Boys!!!!

I am also trying to make my blog a little different. I have been looking for new layouts. I tried to do some yesterday, but I am not to computer literate. I am actually surprised I didn't mess it up so bad that it was lost in cyber space. (I heard that could happen!)

Hopefully I will have a little more to look at on my blog soon. Cross my fingers I don't loose it all!

1 comment:

  1. That's funny about the wheelie!
    I think your new blog design looks really cute! :)